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Feb 2, 2010

Wildlife in the Classroom Fundraiser

"Wildlife in the Classroom" Fundraiser
Teachers join the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue - Educational programs are under development - Outdoor cameras needed to stream video from the animal habitats live into the classrooms - Laptop or netbook needed for recording video and images and classroom presentations.

This year is starting out very promising! After gaining the 501(c)3 status from the IRS we are in the process of forming a board of directors/trustees. In addition we welcome our first Wildlife Assistant Rehabilitator and sub-permittee Loree Behymer who will be in charge of the squirrels this year.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Three teachers from Gilbert Intermediate School in Stephenville, DeeAndra Lambert and Valarie and Doug Burns, have visited the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue and want to become actively involved ranging from joining the board of directors to assisting in fundraising, receiving basic wildlife care training, and most importantly develop educational programs to get the kids involved. This would make one of my lifelong dreams come true!

The highlight of our educational program will be cameras installed in the animal enclosures streaming videos and images of different native wildlife species live into the classrooms. The kids can observe these animals throughout the day and collect data on them. This aligns with the state Science TEKS particularly with 5th grade and below.

Usually these animals are seen dead on the side of the road but students rarely observe them alive, watching them eat or learning where the sleep. The benefit of having the kids watch the webcam in class would hopefully show them how much amazing wildlife is in their own area.

The students taking the TAKS test will be asked some questions relating to their state and the animals/plants that grow here. If they have never been able to observe an animal in it's habitat it's hard for them to relate.

In order to achieve this goal we need 3 outdoor cameras that can operate wireless and are capable of streaming video over the internet. In addition we need a laptop or netbook to record the pictures and transport data and presentations to schools and other educational demonstrations.

The videos and images will be viewable to everybody on the internet through our Rainbow Wildlife Rescue website, including you, not only the classrooms which however are the number 1 priority.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue or have contributed in the past and would like your name to be added to our Thank You page, please click HERE.

If you like to make a contribution or think you have items that we could use, please visit our Donation page to view our wishlist.





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