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Apr 2, 2008

Today's Emergency

Our LalaLucy (black cat, 6) came crawling up to the house earlier today, crying. She had not been around for a couple of days, which is not unusual, because she sleeps in the neighbor's shed during the day. I'm used not seeing her since I'm not always outside or paying attention in the evenings.

To make a long story short, she had her tail amputated. Vet's guess: dog got a hold of her.

And there is only one dog running loose around here that I have refused to call animal control on so far, because it's a pit bull and he would have zero chance at the local shelter. Unfortunately that dog also killed a chicken this morning, so I'm afraid that next time I see him I will have to call it in. I cannot have a dog running around killing other animals even though just about every dog would go after a chicken and/or a cat .

Lucy has feline leukemia, as have all the cats that I adopted, which means that her immune system is compromised. She weighted only 4 lbs, lost half of her weight in the past 2 days and was dehydrated as well.

I wonder what really happened to her, but I guess I'll never find out for sure. All I know is that she will have to be an inside cat from now on. This is not going to be fun as much as she dislikes dogs.





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