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Jul 23, 2009

Sara's Introduction Continues

It's all going according to plan..well almost.

An hour ago it was feeding time. Sara is the only one drinking formula out of a bowl. The Abilenians still take the bottle and the 3 bigger ones don't care about formula anymore. They want real food.

But if you think that any of my six can so much as look at a bowl Sara has claimed as hers and get away with it, you are mistaken!

ALL 6 came running when Sara let out that growl spread eagled over her precious bowl, and tried to climb up my legs.

Now you have to picture this (thank goodness I didn't have the camera with me!):

I prefer to wear scrubs in this heat. They are so easy to wash and easy to put on with just a rubber band holding it up. But that rubber band could not withstand 6 raccoons!!!

Before I knew it I had my pants around my ankles (yes, I wore underwear!), struggling to keep my balance, hands full of bottles and a couple of raw eggs go flying everywhere, while my 6 are STILL trying to climb up my legs, holding on to my bare skin! I step on the edge of one of the metal bowls which flips up and over and splatters poo poo water all over us too with a big loud bang!

Sara however couldn't care less, she never even stopped drinking her formula.

No more shaving legs for at least a week for this scratching post...ouch!! lol

Now they are all chilling out on a shelf by a big piece of ice:
Sandy in front, Pumkin hugging the ice, Rocky sniffing the ice, Abilenians in the hammock and back, Sara between the board and screen.
Pumkin chillin next to Sandra
Lena checking out what's going on
Ian sits on Pumkin
Sara is not so sure yet
But wants to come out and play too.





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