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Mar 21, 2009

Rainbow Wildlife Spring 2009 Newsletter

Spring 2009 at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization in Stephenville, Texas. My name is Birgit Sommer. I am a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for the State of Texas as well as a Shelter Walker and volunteer foster parent for the Erath County Humane Society. I, like many other licensed wildlife rehabilitators, work out of my own home and volunteer my time and just about every spare cent I can gather towards animal rescue efforts. No state funding is available for animal caging, veterinary care, medicine or food. That's why most rehabilitators gratefully accept donations towards the care of animals they receive from the public.

I would like to welcome our new subscribers! With 438 members we are approaching the 500 mark! Thank you all so much for taking the interest in my work with animals!


Stephenville, Texas: Local Issues


If you live in Stephenville, we urge you to support and vote for Mark Murphy on May 9th. Mr. Murphy has been of great help to the animal community. He actively supports the dog park issue and if re-elected, wants to speak out for a new animal shelter.

Sean Perry has started a web site called He also created the above graphic. Thanks! His web site features an exclusively local petition in favor of the dog park.

Boy Scouts building a Flight Cage

The Boy Scouts started to build on a 16 x 8 x 8 foot flight cage according to the required State standards! It's nearly completed and the last hurdle on my way to the federal bird permit! I can't express enough gratitude towards these boys. Thank you all so very very very much!!!!

Honey and Trinity: Happy Ending

Trinity has finally made it into her forever home! The story is supposed to be printed in this Sunday's edition of the Empire Tribune, but we haven't received any confirmation as of this writing.

To the folks outside of the local newspaper area, I made the article available online for ya'll to read.

Here's an excerpt:

Honey and Trinity with Family

It was a cold and damp morning on New Year's Eve 2007. My small wildlife rescue was empty for the winter and I was enjoying the relaxing moments before spring would present me with its orphaned critters again. That's when the phone rang and my life was about to be changed forever.....

Spring Babies

The following is an article by Angelia Joiner which she wrote for the Abilene Reporter at . I had the honor to put my 2 cents in, so make sure you read the article all the way to the end or you miss all the good advice!

Leave the mothering to nature

Experts say young animals who appear to be abandoned often are in parents' care

By Angelia Joiner
Special to the Reporter-News
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring is just around the corner, and as the new season arrives so do the offspring of a variety of wildlife.

Kindhearted humans sometimes find -- and try to take in -- young birds, squirrels, fawns or rabbits that appear to be abandoned.

Roy Johnson, Taylor County game warden, said most of the time this is not the case.

"Mother Nature has a way of taking care if itself," Johnson said. "If you see a fawn, I promise you the mama has not abandoned it. She will come back and take care of it."

He said the same is true for other animals.

Johnson said the exception is when someone sees a dead mother. The fawn will not leave it, and in that case, the fawn should be taken to a licensed rehabilitator -- but those are hard to find.

Read More >>>>

Don't Buy, Adopt a Pet!

Currently residing at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue

Last Word of Advice: Dog Tips

Is this Dog aggressive? Know what to do!

If a strange dog approaches you, should you run or should you stay calm?

Rule number 1: always stay calm!

Emotions such as fear are considered a weakness in the animal world and will make you vulnerable.


Here are some guidelines of what you need to do to stay save when a strange dog approaches you:

1. Do not take it personally; the dog is only protecting his own space and not out to get yours.

2. Stay calm. Dogs communicate with energy. Fear and anxiety is energy. If the dog is aggressive, he wants you to get scared which spells vulnerability in the dog world. Any emotion does. So stay calm and controlled and the dog will be thrown off.

3. Stand your ground, don't run. If you have a purse, an umbrella, a stick, or something similar, place it in front of you to make yourself appear larger.

Body language is another form of communication that the dog understands and he will see that you are no threat to his space, because you are claiming your own. By staying calm and claiming your space you are building an invisible energy boundary between you and the dog. You let him know that you are not afraid.

4. Wait until the dog retreats or simply looks away or turns his back on you. Then calmly walk away.




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