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Sep 29, 2008

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue and the Community

Thanks to the generous people, students, stores, and organizations, we have managed to build the first enclosure and are ready to accept more squirrels! We are in the process of setting up the details.

The Eagle Scouts will be building one, possibly 2 more enclosures next month, which will complete the main section of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue.

All that is left is a Storage Shed and trash/storage bins for the different feed.

This allows me to apply for the federal migratory bird permit next year, so I can accept songbirds as well.

Special Thanks goes to:

  • The TSU Wildlife Society (especially Dani Meyers)
  • Barnes & McCollough for the lumber
  • Don and Jackie Wallace for the squirrel houses and all over support
  • Gerry Cockrell for the most generous donation
  • Northland Cable for the Channel 9 ad
  • Empire Tribune for their newspaper stories
  • Abilene Reporter for their newspaper stories
  • All the other generous friends and strangers that donated via the internet.




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