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Apr 8, 2008

Rabies Quarantine

This afternoon a skunk wandered into my back yard and my dogs, except the old ladies Olivia and Sandy, got a hold of her and killed her.

I wondered why a healthy skunk would walk into a yard full of dogs in the middle of town, when it occurred to me that she might not have been this healthy.

I called Animal Control and the dead animal was sent to Austin for rabies testing. I was told to expect the results in 3-4 days and to keep my dogs away from the public, quarantined basically.

Should the test turn out positive, I have to keep my dogs in quarantine for 45 days. That was so the last thing I needed. I had Olivia scheduled to get spayed for April 23rd, which I would have to re-schedule. I also decided it's better to return the 2 remaining Border Collie pups to the shelter, because I don't want them exposed here, even though the risk is virtually zero, since all my dogs are up to date with their vaccinations. Even my own rabies shots are current.

Scary situation, aside from the smell. I had to rip everything out of the backroom, where the dogs rubbed their faces into...carpet, blankets, chairs..what I couldn't wash, I had to trash. No way! Now I'm sitting in an empty room except an old couch and the desk with the computer. It'll do until something better turns up. I'm just glad we had put vinyl flooring down a few weeks ago and all I have to re-place are area rugs.

This is quarantine! Don't they look pitiful??





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