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Nov 7, 2008

October Newsletter

October 2008 at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization in Stephenville, Texas. My name is Birgit Sommer. I founded the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue and am a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for the State of Texas as well as a Shelter Walker and volunteer foster parent for the Erath County Humane Society.

I, like many other licensed wildlife rehabilitators, work out of my own home and volunteer my time and just about every spare cent I can gather. No state funding is available for animal caging, veterinary care, medicine or food. That's why most rehabilitators gratefully accept donations towards the care of animals they receive from the public.

If I find enough time, I accept various online jobs including web design and hosting, to add to the funds needed to maintain the rescue. So, if you need a website or know somebody that does, here is a list of clients.

Hurricane Ike's Squirrels are still here!

I had planned to get the squirrels back to south-east Texas last weekend, but the ride didn't come through, so hopefully something will work out this weekend. The squirrels are soooo ready to get out there and start a life outside of a cage! All 8 are healthy and as wild as they get.

To refresh your memory: gray squirrels are not native to Central Texas. They populate the eastern and southern parts of Texas.

The Eagle Scouts built a brandnew Enclosure

The Eagle Scouts came on the 25th of October and built a new enclosure for the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue's future critters! It was a coming and going, but I think we were around 30 people at one time. The Scouts had managed to get all the material donated and put the new enclosure up within 7 hours!

We would like to thank:

Colton Beverly, Jamie Burns, Steven Gibbons, Chad Gifford, Creed Alexander, Rusty Ford, Bobby Brown, Andrew Murray, Skylar Bell, Michael Fick, Dana Gibbons, Chris Bell, Travis Johnston, Kenneth Gifford, Chili Alexander, Mike Beverly, Michaela Beverly, Debora Beverly, Pat Alexander and Jimmie Don Alexander.

The Following businesses and individual donated material and tools for the project.

Higginbotham's all lumber, corrugated tin, nails and hinges. Fibergrate donated staple gun and staples, friend of Boy Scout troop 18 donated the mesh wire, Jimmie Don Alexander donated use of tools, Jean Beverly for use of air compressor, CiCi's for donating the pizzas for lunch.

Also a HUUUUUGE Thank You to Kelli Parham who got the ball rolling!!!

Here are my favorite photos and a movie of today plus a link to the COMPLETE ONLINE PHOTO ALBUM

We still have enough lumber left to build yet another enclosure. The Scouts were considering sending out another group for this project, but there are no details yet.

After that enclosure is built, all there is left a Storage Shed, few more fence panels, concrete for a walkway, and a flight cage, which is nothing else but a very long enclosure. The latter is the last item I need to complete my application for the federal migratory bird rehabilitation permit.


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It's late in the year and baby season is over. Now we are concentrating on building and preparing for next season's start this coming spring. The first baby squirrels usually arrive mid February..
  • 8 Gray Squirrels: 5 of the 15 were transferred, 2 expired, 8 are still "in custody"




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