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Jul 25, 2008

My name is Doogle and I need help...

My name is Doogle and I need help...

Doogle is a young Chihuahua that was thrown over the fence at the local animal shelter along with 3 other dogs. For 2 of those dogs it was too late, they died of starvation and severe parasite infestation.

Doogle weighed only 2.8 lbs when I took him home to foster. He weighs 3.4 lbs now after only 1 week.

From his behavior it is obvious that this dog had to have been confined in a tiny space all his life.

He does not know what a leash is, nor how to walk on carpet, how to behave around other dogs or humans, never seen a car or a cat or had been held in loving arms.

Doogle is also a very timid dog and needs to be socialized to gain some confidence, and I know just the right place for that. Yes, right here at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue!

However, there are a few things that need to be taken care of before we can get down to some serious work. Neutering and vaccinations are on top of the list.

Doogle also has a deformity on his hind legs, which is common to dogs that have been confined in small spaces.

It does not seem to bother or hinder him at the moment, but I want a Vet to exam him and tell me if there might be problems with this further down the road and if that is the case, if something can be done to prevent that, such as surgery for example.

Unfortunately I do not have the financial means at the moment to cover the costs and I need help with that.





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