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Dec 9, 2007

Meeh, Kitten, orphaned

Now that Luise and Hissyfit are back at the shelter, here comes Meeh.

Animal Control just brought her. She was hunkered down between a car and a bush, shaking. Somebody called it in. Thank you for doing that, whoever you are!

She's emaciated, dehydrated, looked like she had fallen into a sewer and is anemic from flea infestation. She was ice cold.

I warmed her up, bathed her, plugged the fleas off her, gave her electrolytes, antibiotics, cleaned the eyes and treated them as well (the infection is minor, looked worse than it was, because the eyes were crusted shut, but no pus behind yet...she was found just in time), and now she's clean, warm and signs of life are starting to show.

If she was not in such bad shape due to leukemia or another illness, and "just" due to neglect or because she might be feral, then she has a chance.





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