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Nov 28, 2007

Kittens (incl. Rusty) and Puppies at the Humane Society Animal Shelter

I just got back from the local animal shelter. Rusty and lil Tim are still there, but they are having a ball with the other kittens.

Yes, that's Kicker on the bottom left!

The kittens are in the same size cage that I have..there is nothing more I could for them here at home. At the shelter a lot of people come in and out, so hopefully they will be adopted soon.

I often see people get this sad look in their faces when they hear the word animal shelter. They immediately feel sorry for the animals and have all these horrible ideas in their heads.

Besides the necessity of having to euthanize animals due to the lack of space and funding, the animals that actually do spend time at our local shelter couldn't have it any better from the animals' point of view.

The dogs are not locked up in some cages, they run around free in a save enclosed environment, can socialize with each other and have dog houses and lil pools with water and toys to play with.

Cats of course can't be kept outside, but they are sheltered savely in clean cages and get played with a lot.

Everything they need is provided and this place couldn't be any further from "horrible". The 2 ladies who run the shelter here have a heart of gold and my deepest admiration, because they sure work miracles every day. I extent that admiration to our 2 Animal Control Officers as well!

Here are a pictures of some of the puppies that are currently at the shelter:

and here is Luise today:





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