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Jan 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 and Thank You

Happy New Year 2010 and Thank You!
My name is Birgit Sommer. I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of Texas, managing director of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Stephenville, TX , as well as the vice president and foster parent for the Erath County Humane Society.

We have raised $600 out of the $5000 that is needed before the start of the 2010 orphaned baby animal season, which will begin usually around mid February. Thank you soooo much!!!!

During these economically tough times I realize that there is not much money left to donate to charity, so let me share with you some items the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue needs that you might have and don't need anymore:

The top 5 most needed times are (extended wish list below):

  • A laptop or netbook computer for educational, administrative and presentation purposes.

  • Fencing Material (lattice, privacy panels, chain link, fence posts and poles, concrete)

  • Green House Frame for a flight cage for songbirds (minimum size 4' width, 8' length, 8' height)

  • Incubators

  • Petfood and Catlitter (KMR and Esbilac Milkreplacers, Premium dog/puppy and cat/kitten food, dry and cans)

I, like many other licensed wildlife rehabilitators, work out of my own home and volunteer my time and just about every spare cent I can gather towards animal rescue efforts and public education.

No local or state funding is available for animal caging, veterinary care, medicine and food. That's why most rehabilitators gratefully accept donations towards the care of animals they receive from the public.

Orphaned Squirrels
Different Ways to Donate

The following are a few examples of how your donation can help:

  • $1000 helps with the utilities for 3 months
  • $ 500 pays for raising and vaccinating an infant raccoon
  • $ 250 will feed a litter of opossums from infant to release
  • $ 200 will provide a new large cage
  • $ 100 will provide infant formula for 3 squirrels
  • $ 75 provides bird food from nestling to adult
  • $ 50 pays for enough Capstar to rid 5 new arrivals of external parasites
  • $ 25 covers the de-wormer to fight the internal parasites
  • $ 10 provides fresh produce for most critters for 2 days
  • $ 5 pays for the bedding for 1 outside enclosure for 1 week



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