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Nov 2, 2007

Eye Infection Update

I have an update on Rusty. He is definitely not blind, at least he reacts to light, that's something. However, his infection came back! It's the toughest and longest infection I have ever treated unsuccessfully!

I just emailed my Vet this picture, hopefully she can hook me up with some other medications that work better than what I got here. He's otherwise a very healthy and sweet kitten, I'd hate to lose him to an infection.

I already lost 3 of the litter of 6, that's enough! One passed away this morning, lil Cheetah. All 3 died of something different too..strange world that is.

Here are 2 of the 3 survivors from the litter of 6 and 4 healthy eyes to compare it with:

And here is what the cage looks's a blessing this cage! It was a's twice as wide as you can see and has 3 stories which I can split into 6 small or 3 large compartments.

I have to keep the lil male separated from the others, because they all suckle on him..they always pick on the smallest lol. But I hated to leave him all alone, so I put the one kitten in with him that didn't show interest in suckling.



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