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Jul 23, 2008

Bottle-feeding Raccoon Baby and Doug and Doogle, Chihuahua Rescue

Doug and Doogle are still up for adoption as of the date of this posting. They are still showing every bone in their tiny bodies, but have a good appetite.

Doug and Doogle most likely have spent all their lives in a small cage. Doogle has deformities on his hind legs that are typical to this kind of confinement. Both dogs were covered in parasites and anemic as a result. The dehydration and emaciation brought them to the brink of death.

Somebody had a heart and threw them over the fence of the local Humane Society. I foster them at the moment and am looking for a suitable home for those babies.

They do NOT need somebody who pampers them and puts them into a pink purse! They need somebody who addresses and takes the dog in them serious, not the scared human baby looking eyes. They deserve to be a dog, not a human!

Go to for more information on how to adopt them.

Feeding a Raccoon Baby



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