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Dec 3, 2008

7 Puppies and 4 Kittens

So, here I thought I'm going to get bored now that the rescue is empty. As soon as I was done cleaning everything and repairing and/or replacing the little things that broke over the summer, I got the phone call.

7 puppies had been thrown into the trash in a box and if I could and would. Of course! But 7 is a lot of puppies to feed, so I reached out and found 2 sweet and kind ladies, Laura and Kelli, that took a few off my hands, so I'm down to 2 puppies.

Thank goodness so, because an hour ago I received 4 kittens that had been rescued from a fire. It was a very close call. One of the lil noses is burned and they are coughing and stinking of smoke and were all black with sud. I bathed them, put some antibiotics on the wounds and fed them.

The eyes are just opening and they are otherwise in good shape, so I'm hopeful, providing that the lungs didn't get damaged by the smoke and heat.




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