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Feb 21, 2008

5 Border Collie Puppies

The shelter called earlier..a lady had brought in a plastic bag she had found on the road. She picked up the bag because noticed it was moving.

Inside: 5 newborn Border Collie Pups.

Took Honey to the vet today. She's heartworm negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so worried that she'd be positive too!

She got her rabies shot, got checked out, but besides an ear infection she's alright! Ready to get spayed soon!

Now that I have the 5 border collies, I don't think I can get Josie fixed nor will I be able to keep her any longer. I have to let at least one of the dogs go, and Josie is up next.

She has all her shots and preventions, is de-wormed, all that's missing is getting her spayed. She has such a sweet personality, I will put her into the shelter during the day at least, starting next week. Hopefully somebody falls in love with her and adopts her and gets her fixed!

Olivia is starting her heartworm treatment this Monday.

Lotsa dog business lately huh?? I love it!

Not the circumstances on how the dogs got here, but the fact that I can actually make a difference



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